5 Day Plastic Bag Challenge

Members of the Student Sustainability Team carried a plastic bag with anything we couldn’t recycle for 5 days in May. We learnt that most of us had food waste like banana peels that doesn’t need to go in the bin if we could compost it and use it in the garden. We also learnt to reduce the amount of waste we make by choosing things that could be recycled or even better produced no waste.

We would like to try and get a compost bin so that we can produce less waste than we do now. Please support us.

The Student Sustainability Team

‘Project Rockit!’


On Friday the 22nd of April, Cassie and Archie came to talk to the grade 5/6 students about cyber bullying. They came from an organisation called ‘Project Rockit’.

Visual Arts at Fawkner Primary

Students have been busy in Visual Arts this term.

Our Gr. 1/2 classes have been using chalk pastels and creating a big mess but had lots of fun exploring! Students traced and made their own paper shape stencils then used a rubbing technique to create shapes onto their paper. Here are some samples for you to see!