‘Messenger Dogs’

On Tuesday the 23rd of August, the grades 3-6 had a special performance incursion called ‘Messenger Dogs – Tales of WWI’.

The show was about three dogs called Nell, Trick and Bullet who were responsible for carrying messages between headquarters and the front line during World War I. The show told tales of courage, determination and mateship through the dogs and their friendships with the soldiers.
The show used props that were replicas of the real pieces from the War such as crutches, helmets, bandages and clothing.
We had a great time and enjoyed learning about the role dogs played in the War. At the end of the show we got to ask questions about the performance and learned that we are the second school to have this performance!
The show is touring for a whole year around Victoria.
We all received a Children’s Peace Award which is a replica of what children received at the end of the war to remind Australians of the service and sacrifice throughout the First World War.
Miss Kelly
5/6 Teacher
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