Homework Policy

Ideally we would like every child to be able to complete some reading at home and some other work that may help them with their schoolwork. However we appreciate that every child is different, every family is different and everyone’s circumstances are different. The school understands that some children thoroughly enjoy doing extra work at home, while others have other interests that mean they struggle to complete extra work. Therefore we feel that the amount of homework done at home by any child is a decision for the family.

We also believe that all the children work very hard at school, and that some children will have lots of energy and enthusiasm to do more work, while others will need a rest from school work to re-charge their batteries. Others will just feel uncomfortable doing extra work. The school understands that each child’s parents know their child and their home circumstances best and therefore the parents know how much homework is right for their child.
Homework will be provided by teachers to support families who wish to work with their children at home. However it is not compulsory. If a child doesn’t complete any or all of the homework given to them that is fine. Whatever homework a child does will be corrected and feedback given to your child.

To read the full policy, click here: Homework policy 2016.