3/4 ACMI Excursion Report

On the 18th of August 3/4 G & 3/4 A went to ACMI (Australian Centre for the Moving Image).

Before we got there we had to plan our group’s lines before we did some acting on the green screen. It was amazing! After that we had recess. When recess was over my class had to do acting. When it was my group’s turn I started to like acting because it was an amazing feeling to be acting as a movie character.

After that we went to Screen Worlds. I played awesome games (and some weird ones) where you had to kill robots.    I also learned that the Oscar was a famous award for acting. Cate Blanchett won it for her acting. After that we had lunch (which was extremely fun) and then we watched our movie that we made.

If you want to see it, our movie will be shown next week during our ICT Show & Tell.

Saad Murtaza 3/4 G

IMG_0078 IMG_4239 IMG_4258