The River Red Gum Conference

On Wednesday 17th November students from 3/4 A and G went on a bus to South Morang for our River Red Gum Conference. While we were there we met students from four other schools. The schools were St Peter’s, St Mary’s, Oak Park and Hazel Glen College.

A man named Josh showed us different types of Australian native animals. Some of these animals were endangered. The animals that we saw included; a sugar glider possum, black cockatoo, goanna, goanna lizard, kangaroo, an olive python snake and a salt water crocodile. Some of us got to hold the animals and reptiles.

After our yummy catered lunch we were separated into two groups. Our school participated in some activities that the other schools had organised for us. Some activities included planting little gumnut seeds, using a microscope to look at very little bugs, using a feely box and completing a challenging quiz.

Our school had to introduce the board games that we had prepared for some schools to play. We had to work in groups of four. The groups helped each other to play the games. We hope the students learnt that it is very important to look after our River Red Gum trees.

We would like thank the Merri Creek Management Committee for organising this great day.

We would also like to thank Mr Akin and Miss Russell for supporting us with organising our activities during this program.

By Lulu Kheder and Fatima Syed