Excursion to the Royal Botanic Gardens

On Tuesday the 14th of March 2017, the 5/6’s went to the Royal Botanic Gardens.

We caught the train from Fawkner Station to Flinders Street and then walked along St. Kilda Road. When we got to the gardens, we also saw The Shrine of Remembrance.

We split up into our classes and did two separate activities. 5/6K went with Hilary and made rainforest animals and insects out of natural materials like leaves, pinecones and twigs. Then we went for a big walk around the gardens and saw lots of different trees. We went into the hothouse where it’s perfect conditions for rainforest plants, it was so hot in there!
After our walk we had lunch and played some games. We then walked down to the lake and back to Flinders Street Station to catch the train home. We saw lots of workers packing up from the Moomba Festival. On the train home, we were so tired! Many of us fell asleep. We walked 12.6kms for the whole day and it was 32 degrees so it was hot!

Thanks to the staff at the Royal Botanic Gardens for showing us around and to Miss Kelly, Mrs Darmanin, Mr Ricardi, Kim and Paula for coming along.

By Jack and Bihzad.