Prep Transition

1st day of schoolGetting Your Child Ready For School

Activities to focus on before your child commences school:

  •  Dress themselves
  •  Identify their own things
  •  Attempt to write their own name
  •  Visit the toilet on their own
  •  Blow their nose
  •  Eating their lunch and replacing items in their bag
  •  Co-operate with others
  •  Listen to the teacher / other adult
  •  Follow instructions
  •  Ask for help when necessary
  •  Separate from parents
  •  Know how to cross the road safely and use a safety crossing

Show your support, especially on the first day of school !

 Starting school can be stressful!

At first, you may stay a while to ensure that your child feels secure at school.  Once they have settled into school, a short and reassuring goodbye encourages independence.  Always tell them when you are leaving. They may get tummy aches or be very tearful in the mornings.  If this happens, listen to your child’s fears.  Let them know that you believe that they can manage to go to school and you will help them.  Ask them what they think may help. If the worries do not get better soon, talk to the teacher about the best way to help your child.  Forcing children usually does more harm than good. Don’t be late picking your child up.  A few minutes can seem a long time when you are not very sure of yourself.

Some websites to access for more in-depth information:

The attachment below is the Prep Orientation Program the school runs for future Preps to familiarise the students, as well as parents about the workings of the school.

Please have a look through the program, and if you have any questions, please contact our Assistant Principal Maria Weston on 9357 3579.