Dear Parents,


The first day of school for children in Term 2 is Wednesday April 15.

If schools remain closed to children at the start of Term 2 the school will send home information (on Tuesday April 14) on how children can work from home.

We are posting home the Foundation to Year Four students’ passwords today just in case we don’t re-open on April 15.  

We won’t be setting any work for the students to do until then. Our expectation is that children enjoy their holiday free of school-work as they normally do. Children and parents are always able to do things like reading, art work, measurement activities, complete on-line tasks, cooking, shopping etc. that parents would do with them in the holidays anyway. Websites such as: Kids News, FUSE, Mathletics, Reading Eggs, BTN, Maths Playground etc. are always full of fun on-line activities.

The school will send home information regarding any changes to these arrangements via Fawkner P.S. e-mails where we have addresses, and text messages.

If the school remains closed, we will have a number of options for parents to lease or buy laptops or computers from the school. Options may include:

  • Year 3 students can lease their laptops – $30 per term
  • Years 4, 5 and 6 students can lease their laptops – $60 per term
  • 2012 iMacs for lease – $10 per term
  • 2012 MacBook Pros for lease – $20 per term

At this stage parents will be able to come and lease computers on Tuesday April 14.

So, at the moment we hope your children and you enjoy the extended holiday break.

Roger Pell


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