Fawkner Primary School is committed to supporting the safety and well-being of students at risk of anaphylaxis. In doing so, the school will fully comply with Ministerial Order 706 and the associated Guidelines published and amended by the Department from time to time.

The school aims to:
  • Provide, as far as practicable, a safe and supportive environment in which students at risk of anaphylaxis can participate equally in all aspects of the student’s schooling.
  • Raise awareness about anaphylaxis and the school’s Anaphylaxis Management Policy in the school community.
  • Involve parents/carers of students at risk of anaphylaxis in assessing risks, and developing risk minimisation and management strategies for the student.
  • Ensure that each staff member has adequate knowledge of allergies, anaphylaxis, and the school’s procedure for responding to an anaphylactic reaction.


To read the full policy, click here: Anaphylaxis Management Policy and Procedures

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