Visit from the Broadmeadows Fire Brigade!

On the 24th of April 2016, 5/6K and 5/6D had a visit from the fire brigade.

They taught us how to be safe and avoid a fire in your house. These are some points you should be aware of:

  • You shouldn’t put candles near curtains
  • If your parents or any family members smoke, they should put the cigarette in the ash tray with water in it or make sure it’s not still lit when it goes into the bin
  • You should always have a smoke alarm in your room if you sleep with the door closed. Otherwise, smoke alarms should be in all main living areas as well as the kitchen. You should check your smoke alarm is working every week and change the batteries twice a year when you change your clock for daylight savings.
  • You should always clean the filter in the clothes dryer to make sure it doesn’t start a fire.

We enjoyed our visit from the fire fighters and learnt a lot. Thanks to the Broadmeadows fire brigade for coming to visit us.

By Mumen and Aiman from 5/6K.