• Channel 10 Mike Larkan Visit to Fawkner Primary School

    On the 25th of February, we had a special visitor attend our school. The weather reporter from Channel 10, Mike Larkan, delivered the daily weather and involved students from Fawkner Primary School.

  • Education Week 2019

    As part of Education Week, the Foundation students participated in many fun and exciting events! We were fortunate enough to incorporate science activities within our classrooms! The Foundation students thoroughly enjoyed participating in the ‘Rain Clouds’ science experiment. Take a look at our photos!

  • 2019 Foundation Excursion to the Melbourne Aquarium

    On Tuesday the 19th of March Foundation C, Foundation G and Foundation D went to the Melbourne Aquarium. Our Integrated Studies topic in Term 1 has been ‘Under the Sea’ so all children had a fantastic day extending their knowledge of different sea animals and their habitats. They had the opportunity to feel and touch shark… Read more »