At Fawkner Primary School we understand the  importance of nurturing and protecting our natural environment. Our student Sustainability Team are instrumental in encouraging the students and staff to make a difference.


Enviro-Week is August 30 – September 5

Our school will be undertaking a range of challenges with students learning more about sustainability throughout the week.

  • Rubbish Free Day starts Tuesday 1st September

(and every Tuesday from now on)

  • Ride to School Week. Yes every day of the week!
  • Pre-loved Toy Sale Thursday 3rd September

envio challenge

  • Begins Tuesday 1st September, 2015 We would like Tuesdays to be Rubbish Free for the rest of the year. We are asking parents to provide a healthy recess snack and lunch using none or as little packaging as possible. For a snack choose fruit and vegetables where the skin can be eaten, e.g. apples, cucumbers, grapes and the like. However, all fruits are a good choice for a snack.Pack your child’s recess and lunch into reusable (and washable) containers or a lunch box. The class with the least amount of waste will be declared winners for the week. Keep making great food and packaging choices! 
  • Following on from the success of our first toy sale in May, we are having another sale of donated pre-loved toys on Thursday 3rd September 2015.If you have a toy in good condition that hasn’t been used in a while, why not donate it? Someone else will love it and you have more space at home.Cost $1 for smaller items and $2 for larger items.Bring toys to your child’s teacher by Wednesday 2nd September.All proceeds go to support the great work of Fawkner Community House.


  • Enviro toys

    NOTE: Any unsold items will be returned to the original owner.

    Thanks for your support. The Sustainability Team

    Abeer, Alana, Burhan, Danny, Shenouda, Tanzil, Wajiha & Yousra