Welcome to our School

Welcome to our School

Welcome to Fawkner Primary School, a caring and nurturing learning environment. Our dedicated and experienced teachers provide a positive and enriching program, appreciating the individual needs and interests of each child.

School Tours

School Tours

Fawkner Primary warmly welcomes you and your family to join our community. We invite future Prep enrolments and families transferring from other schools to book in a school tour by making an appointment on 9357 3579 or click the link below.

Kindergarten News

Kindergarten News

Lorne Street Kindergarten is managed by the Northern Schools Early Years Cluster Inc. and is located within the grounds of Fawkner Primary School.
Our Kindergarten opened in January 2016.
We offer sessions for three-year old children (one four-hour session a week) and four-year old children (three five-hour sessions a week).
Within the precinct we also have a Maternal Child Health Nurse and a playgroup.

Introducing our Student Leadership Team for 2019!

We are thrilled to announce our Fawkner Primary School Leadership team! Our Student Leadership team have many responsibilities at our school. They have the opportunity to organise fundraisers to raise money and be part of many special events that help support Fawkner Primary School. We are looking forward to having you represent us in 2019. Congratulations to you all!

School Captains and Vice Captains
Saleh Hizamul-Arsan, Ali Mohammad, Ahmed Chaker, Aniqa Hassan, Faraza Aziz, Portia Greenacre

Junior School Councillors:
Ibrahim Sebbaha, Halima Nechikkadu, Layla Kid, Mohsin Mohsin, Awais Rizwan, Chloe Scicluna, Aidan Arslan, Hafsa Ahmed, Asrar Alhamali, Lucas Jansen Cotrim De Oliveira, Saim Zaman, Hafsah Mohammed, Ahmad Zaidan, Arfa Amir, Zuhoor Alhamali, Fahad Malik, Soban Anjum, Fatima Zaman, Riyad Rizki, Azra Arslan, Hannah Turnbull, Julian Saliba, Shaniqua Harrison and Joshua Sikiotis

Welcome Parents/Guardians

At Fawkner Primary School, our aim is to ensure our Foundation students are feeling comfortable and happy within their learning environment. Our classrooms are designed to be colourful and bright to help our students feel safe and eager to learn within their own classroom. Our teachers cater for the needs of all the students within the Foundation area, we strive to do this by developing personal learning programs for each child which allows the children to feel safe and relaxed.

Our students are changing the future with an Hour of Code

We live in a world surrounded by technology. And we know that whatever field our students choose to go into as adults, their ability to succeed will increasingly depend on understanding how technology works.

But only a tiny fraction of us are learning how technology works. Only 35% of all high schools teach computer science.

That’s why our entire school joined in on the largest learning event in history: The Hour of Code. More than 100 million students worldwide have already tried an Hour of Code. Our Hour of Code is making a statement that Fawkner Primary School is ready to teach these foundational 21st-century skills.

To see some of the activities that our kids tried during the Hour of Code, click here:

Hour of Code!


Walkathon and Healthy Breakfast at Fawkner Primary School!

Here at Fawkner Primary School we think the health of our students is a high priority! Throughout October we’ve been celebrating walking, riding and scooting to school as part of our Active Travel program.

To kick things off on 18th October, in partnership with Moreland Council and Merri Health, we had a special healthy breakfast and our whole-school walkathon fundraiser!

The day was a huge success.