Welcome to our School

Welcome to our School

Welcome to Fawkner Primary School, a caring and nurturing learning environment. Our dedicated and experienced teachers provide a positive and enriching program, appreciating the individual needs and interests of each child.

School Tours

School Tours

Fawkner Primary warmly welcomes you and your family to join our community. We invite future Prep enrolments and families transferring from other schools to book in a school tour by making an appointment on 9357 3579 or click the link below.

Kindergarten News

Kindergarten News

Lorne Street Kindergarten is managed by the Northern Schools Early Years Cluster Inc. and is located within the grounds of Fawkner Primary School.
Our Kindergarten opened in January 2016.
We offer sessions for three-year old children (one four-hour session a week) and four-year old children (three five-hour sessions a week).
Within the precinct we also have a Maternal Child Health Nurse and a playgroup.


Fawkner Primary School recognises that multicultural education is relevant to all learners and we celebrate our multicultural society. Through civics and citizenship and multicultural education we aim to provide opportunities for all students to feel included while they develop knowledge and skills to contribute to society as active and informed citizens locally, nationally and internationally.



The school’s excursion program enables students to further their learning and social skills development in a non-school setting. Excursions complement, and are an important aspect of the educational programs offered at our school.



The effective and efficient management of emergency incidents is critical to the safety and wellbeing of students, staff and school visitors, as well as essential in minimising damage to school property.



Many students attending school need medication to control a health condition. It is necessary that teachers (as part of their duty of care) assist students, where appropriate to take their medication. The school will ensure the student’s privacy and confidentiality and will exercise sensitivity towards this issue to avoid any stigmatisation.



The policies of the school guide and describe the main processes, functions and operations of the school. The development and review of policies is part of an agreed process to ensure that key stakeholders are part of the consultation and review process.



All forms of assessment and reporting used promotes a positive attitude towards learning, encourage the pursuit of excellence, and contribute to the success of all students. Reporting to students and parents will clearly communicate the achievements of students, and will provide recommendations which assist the student’s future learning. The school’s assessment and reporting practices will be based on co-operation, open communication and collaborative decision making involving students, teachers and parents.



Fawkner Primary School is committed to providing a safe and caring environment and culture which enables positive relationships to be formed amongst all students and staff and which encourages self-esteem, cooperation, personal growth and a positive attitude to learning and teaching. A clear policy on bullying (including cyber bullying) and harassment will inform the community that bullying and harassment in any of its forms will not be tolerated.



Anaphylaxis is a severe, rapidly progressive allergic reaction that is potentially life threatening. The most common allergens in school aged children are peanuts, eggs, tree nuts, cow’s milk, fish and shellfish, wheat, soy, sesame, latex, certain insect stings and medication.
The keys to prevention of anaphylaxis are planning, risk minimisation, awareness and education.