• Education Week 2019

    On the 22nd of May, Fawkner Primary School celebrated Education Week. The theme for 2019 is ‘Celebrating Careers’. The whole school had the opportunity to dress up as a type of career/job. Here are some photos from our whole school parade!

  • Firefighters Visit

    On the 25th of June, Foundation students were fortunate enough to enjoy a visit from local firefighters. All students thoroughly enjoyed learning about what it is like to be a firefighter as well as fire safety within their home environment. They also had the opportunity to go outside and look inside the truck and spray… Read more »

  • Our Grade 5/6 Classrooms!

    Welcome to our Grade 5/6 Classrooms. These classrooms are designed to make the students feel independent and content within their learning environment. At Fawkner Primary School, we aim to help prepare the students for their transition into Secondary School. Throughout the year, the students are given the opportunity to visit a variety of secondary schools.