Our school values underpin everything that we do at Fawkner Primary School and are part of everyday life for the staff, students and families.

We promote the school as a safe, fun learning environment where every child is valued and all children are challenged to achieve their best. Our values uphold everything we do at Fawkner Primary, and help to maintain our integrity for being the best school members we can be.


We are respectful when we are polite, considerate and thoughtful to all others regardless of gender, age, race, religion or ability. We show respect to our friends, our family, teachers, and members of the community. We also try to earn the respect of others.


When we are honest, we are being open and truthful in our actions, thoughts and words. Honesty shows both self-respect and respect for others.


When we are kind to others, we are practising how to be caring and helpful citizens of our community. Kindness is something that doesn’t cost us anything, yet it is a valuable trait to have and will help us to succeed in life. We are demonstrating positive life skills when we are being kind to others.


Being responsible school members means looking after ours and other peoples belongings and taking pride and care in our work, as well as our actions. The school has a comprehensive Personal Development Program that centres on children taking responsibility for their actions within the school context.


We always strive to achieve excellence in everything we do at school and at home in our personal lives. Being the best doesn’t always mean winning, it means that we have tried our hardest and put in 100% effort.