Is your child already five?

Is your child turning five by the 30th April 2021?

Our school is open now and accepting enrolments for 2021.

A Virtual School Tour is a wonderful way to see our school and explore the programs and facilities available.

To collect an enrolment pack, please call or email the school office.(information below)

Will my child be ready for school?

Some parents are concerned that their children might not be ready for school because they have missed some Kindergarten time. Our school has strategies in place to support your child next year. The Foundation teachers will assess the needs of all children and start work at their point of need.

Research suggests there are limited benefits for children repeating a year level. They perform best when they remain with their age appropriate peers.

We are also open and accepting enrolments across all grade levels for 2021.

For further information please call the school.

We all look forward to hearing from families soon so effective planning for next year can occur.

Yours sincerely,

Roger Pell
Fawkner Primary School
40 Lorne Street Fawkner Vic 3060
Ph: 9357-3579

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