• Mandatory Reporting Policy

    All children have a right to feel safe and to be safe. In schools, we have a legal and moral responsibility to respond to serious incidences involving abuse and neglect of the children with whom we have contact, and to report instances that we believe involve physical abuse, sexual abuse or neglect. School staff have… Read more »

  • Walk Safely To School

    Fawkner PS has been working with Merri Health and Moreland City Council to develop safe walking routes to and from school, and safe areas to cross the roads. Please see the map to see where it is safest for you and your children to walk to school, and where the safest place to cross the… Read more »

  • FPS Laptop Leasing Program

    Fawkner Primary School has a learning with technology focus, and we believe that having access to, and being able to use, high quality, up to date, internet capable technology is very important to students in the modern age. Students in Grades 3 to 6 are assigned a laptop that they use in their classrooms for… Read more »